What is IFVOD TV – Features and Top Alternatives

IFVOD TV is one of the most convenient video streaming platforms and is particularly popular for featuring Chinese content. With the rise in technological innovation, there has been a considerable increase in online apps and websites where you can access multiple TV shows, live telecasts, sports, and movies online. IFVOD is also one of them. The platform is available for mobile and laptop/PC users so that everyone can enjoy their favorite Chinese shows. If you want to know about the attributes and pros of this popular application, here is the perfect guide.


IFVOD TV is a media streaming platform accessed through mobile applications and web browsers. It provides direct access to a large collection of the world’s most popular Chinese shows, dramas, events, and movies. People from every corner of the world can have access as there is no geo-restriction policy for the available content. Additionally, no subscription is needed, allowing you completely free streaming.

Features Of IFVOD TV

The increasing popularity of IFVOD TV is due to several amazing features that make its use smooth and seamless.

1 – No Subscription Needed

One of the outstanding features of IFVOD that have surpassed all the other video apps platform is that it is free to use. You don’t have to buy a membership or built-in purchases to enjoy your favorite TV shows, dramas, movies, news, and events live. You need to download the app on your respective devices, and you are ready to have fun with a big library alongside popcorn. Thus, this attribute makes this app the most popular one among all the others.

2 – Live Broadcasts

Not too many on-demand video apps provide the live streaming of global events. However, there is no certain drawback to the use of IFVOD. If you are a sports lover and watch to catch live-action online, head towards the search bar and enter your favorite event and you will be able to capture the broadcast. Using this app will provide significant benefits, and you will get the live streaming of every industry or event effortlessly. Some of the essential advantages of IFVOD live broadcasts are the following:

  • Enjoy Streams Anywhere: Whether at the office or traveling to another place, you can download the official app on mobile and enjoy the live broadcasts. Just you need to have a strong internet connection and enough battery life.
  • No Pay-Per-View Subscription: Some events, like big MMA and boxing matches, are paid to watch. However, with the help of this application, you don’t have to purchase any pay-per-view to enjoy the paid events.

3 – Supported On Multiple Devices

Another key attribute of this brilliant mobile TV application is that you can access it from any device with the help of an internet connection. Whether you are an Android mobile or tablet user, you can directly access the app on via downloading the APK files. Moreover, laptops or PC users can also watch famous Chinese shows and movies online with their browser’s help, as the web player of IFVOD TV is also available for streaming.

4 – Only Chinese Shows Available

IFVOD TV is the best choice for those who love watching Chinese series, dramas, action thrillers, and movies. A giant library of Chinese content is available inside this platform, and people of every interest have something for fun on this platform.

5 – Multiple Languages

Previously, the app’s content was available only in the Chinese language. Therefore, you had to be proficient in this language to enjoy the contents of this app. However, it had certain drawbacks as Chinese is a very little popular language and is extremely difficult to learn from scratch. Thus, the developer brought certain changes. Now, the content is available in multiple languages, including Portuguese, Spanish, English, Russian, and Arabic alongside Chinese.

6 – Commercial Free

While streaming various video platforms, users hang off for multiple pop-ups and extensive ad saturation. However, there is no such case or shortcoming with the IFVOD mobile app or website. The platform is ad-free and does not exhibit any kind of commercials. Resultantly, you can enjoy the seamless experience to live streams or favorite movies and shows. Additionally, blocking unusual or explicit content allows you to enjoy the application content with your friends and family.

7 – No Geo-Restriction

The common problem is that developers follow geo-restriction policies while creating applications or websites. As a result, the content of that particular platform is available only in the specific region. Any user from outside that area must bypass the location proxy to hide their IP address for accessing the content using a VPN. IFVOD TV features no such blockage, and the content is available to stream all over the planet.

How To Use IFVOD TV On Mobiles & PC?

Mobiles, especially Android users, must follow the below-mentioned steps to enjoy IFVOD TV on their smartphones.

  • Open The Browser.
  • Search for the latest APK version.
  • Install the app.
  • Sort and enjoy your favorite shows.

While laptop or PC users can enjoy their favorite Chinese content in the following ways:

  • Open any browser (Google, Safari, Mozilla etc.)
  • Search the official IFVOD TV website.
  • Open the site.
  • Have fun with live streaming

Top Alternatives To IFVOD

Enough streaming options have been available as alternatives to IFVOD which you can use to enjoy a greater range of movies and shows. Some of the top substitutes are described below.


IFSP TV is one of the most popular video streaming platforms that offer you to enjoy movies, dramas and TV shows even on the go. Furthermore, you can have direct access to download your favorite content in ultra-quality graphics for offline fun.

2 – Duonao TV

Another Android application to provide Chinese content globally is available to download from the browsers. You can enjoy the latest movies and shows in good quality and with English subtitles. However, the audio track for some shows is missing.


Famous as “Netflix Of China,” IFUN TV provides a large gallery of Chinese content. Further, you can access the application while sitting in any part of the world without facing geo-restriction. The only drawback is low-quality streaming.

4 – IYF TV

IYF TV is a Chinese-specified video streaming platform that is a top alternative to IFVOD TV. Download the application or visit the official site through a browser to have fun with Chinese movies and TV shows.

5 – is also an on-demand video application available for Android users. The only shortcoming associated with this high-quality app is that it is geo-restricted and can only be accessed in China. Thus, you must bypass the location proxy to unlock the content if you reside in another country.

Final Verdicts

All these are the details about what IFVOD TV is and its significant features. In conclusion, this popular media streaming platform has surpassed all the other alternatives by providing free access to a large collection of Chinese movies, shows, dramas, and series. The platform not only gives you the latest TV shows but also allows you access to the multiple live streams available worldwide. Furthermore, you can enjoy your favorite Chinese content on numerous devices in ultra HD quality without suffering from ad pop-ups. That’s all about this guide.

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