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Best Tools for Social Media Content Creator

Social media content creator is a person who creates new ideas and uploads them on any social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. The content produced by these creators is basically focused on a certain group of people. Content creation is also called the backbone of any site.

In order to make the content more effective and accurate, it is necessary to use certain tools for its validity.


Grammarly is the writing enhancement tool that is used to identify the spelling and grammar mistakes in your content. Through its Artificial Intelligence AI functionality, it scans your text and then shows all the grammar and spelling mistakes with accurate solutions. You can access the basic checking features in freemium whereas for advance suggestions and checking you can also purchase its paid subscriptions.


Animoto is a cloud-based video editing tool where you can create a video of images, slideshows of the images, add music into video clips, and can create web-based presentations. Social media content creator can produce their media content from here easily. Animoto also provides free learning of editing to its new users. Customized colors, square and landscape videos with HD quality along with plenty of memories styles attains a great value for the content creators.


Canva is basically a graphic designing tool where you can also create social media content in photos or videos with more than fifty thousand templates that are ready to use for your project. These professionally designed tools help the users to save time and to choose any template which is relevant to their content. Canva has also both free and paid subscriptions. Some templates are available for free whereas some templates by verified designers need a subscription to use.


For a social media content creator, it is the most mind-revoking task to get the media for his content. Mainly creators use pictures that contain copyright infringement, as a result, it harms their site. Pexels contains the copyright-free stock of photos, royalty-free images, and videos that are shared by their creators. Photographers also contributed to this site and can get paid. Background images, natures images, and all sorts of images can be used for the projects.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is the most reliable way to edit video for your content professionally. You have to pay for a Premiere Pro subscription to use this software, it is the most preferred and suggested platform for beginners as they don’t have to go to multiple websites. You can trim and rearrange videos clips, add multiple video clips in a single video and add multiple audio, video effects in your content after getting a subscription.


These five tools are the basis for creating any social media content and attain greater value for the creator. These tools work in making the content beautiful and effective for the readers because content gets worth only because of its overview. These tools are safe and secure to use, social media content creator can use different tools to identify the best working tool.

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