Snapchat Ghost Mode and How to Enable

As in the present time, there are many social media applications that are making people so active to spend most of their time using for different purposes, among those applications Snapchat is one to offer multiple features to its users. It has gained the status to become the largest multimedia app for sharing a lot of things with our friends, family, colleagues, and new people as well. We can send streaks, videos, images, and Chat to all our added friends.  Moreover, there is an interesting thing where we can see their live location via Snap map. It has been observed that most of the time social media platforms are being used by teenagers, to ensure the safety of their data. Sometimes, they want to share their locations with their friends and on the other hand, they wish to not share their location by using Snapchat ghost.  Here you will know all the details on how to turn on and hide our ghost mode.

What is Snapchat Ghost Mode?

 It always seems that Snapchat has a great role to take care of and pays much attention to the user’s privacy.  Snapchat ghost is one of its best features which keeps the user’s data secure and safe. Ghost mode keeps your location private. This is the feature that people love the most if you want your location to not be seen by anybody. This feature follows you as you wish, but furthermore if you decide to share your live location with your added friends you can do so, without having any restrictions. The ghost-turning mood reflects that no one can make an eye on you. wherever you wonder it would not allow anyone to check your location. Although, the feature is not fixed whenever you change your mind to turn it off then listen to you in that way.

Importance of Snapchat Ghost Mode:

Snapchat has taken great popularity among all other applications.  Snapchat always loves to introduce more and more features to maintain a distinguished mood not to see other applications compete with it. When you open your Snapchat, your friend can see on your Snap map where you are but there is another thing when you open your Snapchat ghost only can see those people whom you are going to allow. This is a really appreciated aspect of Snapchat. One more condition is that you are requested by your friends to share your location. You can accept their request to share your location. Sometimes it happens when you are with someone special like your girlfriend or can be anyone. You do not seem in that mood to tell them about the place where you are, ghost pays duty as you like.  Additionally, it permits you to share your location with some of your special friends.

How to enable Snapchat Ghost on Android or iPhone

These are the following steps that you have to keep in your mind for enabling Snapchat Ghost:

  • Open Snapchat on your mobile
  • Click on the Bitmoji picture
  • Tab the setting button which is in the upper right corner
  • Have to scroll down to the section of who can
  • Simply press on (See My Location) option  
  • On the top, there would be a Ghost mode option
  • Click on the Ghost mode option

After completing all these steps, Ghost mode will be off, you have to turn it on to prevent the uncertain circumstance and to avoid telling about your existing place.

  • Interestingly, there would be a time to finalize how much time you do not want to give an idea about your presence to your friends.
  • There would be an option to choose 3 hours, 24 hours or you want until you do not want
  • The Last step is to choose one of them   

The same menu shows when the Ghost mode turns off ask whom you want to give your access to see your location.

Ø  My Friend

Ø  My Friends, Except

Ø  Only these Friends

You have to choose when you are unable to Ghost mode on Snapchat.


As we have seen that Snapchat has many valuable features but Snapchat ghost is the best of all of them. That makes you able to protect your activities at every place. More importantly, every user wishes to not leak their workouts and entertainment so, congratulations the ghost modes make sure to hide you from all your friends.

Hopefully, this piece of article will be very helpful to you to get an idea about how to enable ghost Snapchat Mode!

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