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Peoplewhiz – A Background Screening Company

by Steve Billary

Peoplewhiz is a background data checker that was introduced in 2017. In a very short span of time, this has gained millions of users’ background data. The admiring function of Peoplewhiz is to identify such people who are criminals or playing double shots with their loved ones. There are millions of people whose history you can know by making use of this impressive website. To know the background data of any suspicious person here is just like a piece of cake.

More interestingly, the use of an attractive website demands nothing to pay. You may know such a person whom you consider to be involved in making any hole and corner policy against you and others as well. This appears to help you to keep safe from these kinds of decisive circumstances.

Why Peoplewhiz Become a Requirement?

There are many websites available that are contemplating to perform the same function as the PeopleWhiz bestows but actually it is providing what the others are not offering. More than 67 billion people database sheets are present here that you can use according to your requirement. The operating system is so simple that does not require a long procedure.  

Interestingly enough, it is playing a vital role to give important information about someone’s transcripts, schools, colleges, and the originality of the certificates. Furthermore, identifying the criminal record of a person, and giving clues about the marriage or divorce life of someone is one of its best qualities.

The system is taking turns to advance as per same if you need to find out any criminal record takes no time here but comparatively, this was not the same in the past. There were a lot of struggles that were taking place continuously for many days to get data but the result was in vain. More interestingly, it is determined to help out to get aware of your loved ones, and where they were when there was a plan to meet you.

How does Peoplewhiz work?

It is not a hard nut to crack, occurs quite easily to operate if you are looking forward to getting the data of any person. It helps a lot to give information like first name, second name, and city or state. If you have the basic data of someone it seems enough to reach that person. It just takes a few seconds to provide the result related to the instructions that you put. Most of the time people just use to have this information

  • Screening about the new roommate
  • Knowing online data partner
  • Getting to know about the personal record like marriage, divorce, and the criminal record
  • Discovering old friends
  • Collecting the court results

Sometimes it demands the second and the third name to show the result for having an advance search about that person. The people make utilization of this impressive product to know about the past movements of the people. It comprises the operating system in quite simple steps that are very easy for a simple person to get the advantage.  

 What is there to find on Peoplewhiz?

Through its different features, it holds millions of people’s public and private data. The information that is visible about a person can be seen here without difficulty. Someone who is very special to you can be seen all about him/her, all the records, contact number, certificates, school, collages names. More interestingly, checking their marriage and divorce status appears to get aware very easily. Above all, the most important feature is to declare the criminal record of someone. Additionally, there is a clarification about whether the criminal is arrested or has been realized.

Online dating partners’ information can be gained on Peoplwhiz is quite easy

  • The data about school and college
  • Assets and property
  • The arrest warrant and criminal record
  • Traveling details
  • Social Media account’s information
  • Contact and address info
  • State and federal records

Peoplewhiz likes to work with prominent users and nonprofit companies. There is no specification or restriction that just the finalized people can use it. With the information that has been discussed in the above body of text all can know without facing any difficulties who have this marvelous product can get benefits in a quite easy way.

Is Peoplewhiz Offering Free Trail

Amazingly, the website offers users a free trial by having a risk. Whenever you are going to start your free trial there is a requirement of your credit card that can appear to get paid after ending your free trial. The chances are there when you do not have any attention to pay but due to having the automatic system, there would be a reduction of money from your account for offer renewal.

If you are using it with the mind that how the peoplewhiz can be proved productive and beneficiary for you to get to know or collect information about someone. Assistance is here that appears to help for not paying. Using a virtual credit card protects you not paying for the renewal of the subscription.

How Free Trial Works on Peoplewhiz

when a new account has been created there is an option of entitling a feature that can try to apply for knowing the use of this website. In the free trial, all the features can not be seen but there is a specific feature that you like the most can try for getting information.  Moreover, after embarking on the free attempt the rest features on the website can try after subscribing on the website.

Why Does Peoplewhiz Offer Free Trail?

It is a natural phenomenon before starting the use of a new thing especially to identify the originality of websites. According to my perception, demanding correctness in new things seems not wrong. In the same concern, Peoplewhiz occurs to provide a free trial for improving the experience of its users. Interestingly enough, this makes a sensation of transparency in the mind of the users. The free trial makes able users get an idea of how they can be bestowed with what they need to know about someone.

Does it Automatically Renew When the Free Trial Ended

It would be automatically renewed once you started to get enjoyed the free trial. If there is no step followed by you to unsubscribe, without notifying the offer will be renewed. The problem is there, the website has access to your bank account which results in the reduction of the money automatically. It does not demand the procedure for getting permission for charging.

Once you forget to cancel the subscription when the money is taken away from your account it is not refundable. There are very low chances to get the money back that has been reduced from your account.                   

Pricing Scheme

The website offers has quite flexible and special pricing subscriptions that people always appreciate. There are multiple offers that you can get according to your demands, if you want to subscribe single offer that has a different price, but on the other hand, for multiple data searches, for a company offer, or for an organization the rates are different which the Peoplewhiz introduces. If there is a single search it is free but for the bulky, you have to pay. The data about a person has easily been assessed after subscription to the tier. Furthermore, it is very easy to unsubscribe from the setting, and reactivating the offer is no more a difficult task it can be done by logging in from the canceled account. There are many options that you can follow to pay the bill subscription. All the credit cards that are issued by the government of the United States can be used there.

The subscription cost is 27.99$ of a month. Interestingly, all your payment methods, services purchased, and check history are maintained by this impressive website. The automatic system does not demand to reactivate the offer there will be notification of the previous option. All the subscription files will be shown that you have purchased. This is a kind of report that you see before reactivating your package.


There are different features and variations that exist on every website. As per the same here are some alternatives that have the same function but with changed features.


Backgroundchecks.com has the same work to check the background data. It identifies the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). This website helps a lot looking forward to finding the employees and workers for the companies and organizations. The main feature of this website is to provide data about the criminal and to identify the customers’ outcomes.


Performing duties to figure out the background record in a changing sense as compared to peoplewhiz can be counted as the best quality of this website. It is mostly used by different companies to check employee data by screening. There are three plans that are for users basic, better, and premium.  


GoodHire is also contemplated as an alternative to Peoplewhiz with the change functionality. It has appreciation due to having the database sheet of international health sanctions. It provides services to share data about the vehicle, criminals, education, employment, and criminals.


In this article, we have discussed the different websites and their functions as well. All the alternatives have some change features but comparatively, peoplewhiz leads to all as likely when to show the result. Look like the companies and the organizations identify this website to be more worthy and excellent as compared to the other sites. There is no negativity about this company but the late updates and not to refund sometime lose the interest of the people. Interestingly, the users’ experience is so high on this website due to its authentic and fast results.

Final Crux

You must comprehend Peoplewhiz use, functions, features, price, and also about alternatives. All the aspects have been described in the above body of the text. it seems very affordable and reliable for all kinds of businessmen and companies to collect background data for different purposes and another best quality of this website is you can use it anytime, anywhere, and on any device that gains the trust of new users. 

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