Facebook Marketplace Melbourne – Top Buy Sell Facebook Groups to Follow

Facebook Marketplace Melbourne is the most suitable way of dealing with old and new items. Facebook is the world’s largest social media network with millions of users. Therefore, it is easy for the sellers to find customers for their products. Facebook marketplace Melbourne was launched on October 4, 2016. As reported, Australia was in the first four countries, where Facebook online stores were debuted.

At that time, Facebook Marketplace manager Bowen Pan claimed that there were 450 million people who visit to the Facebook sell and buy groups every month, and a quarter of the total population visits Facebook. Manger also added that Facebook users will also be able to shop through a store icon in the Facebook menu. Users will also be allowed to change their location, search specific items, and browse items by category.

Facebook Marketplace Melbourne Categories

Facebook has also increased its limit of categories now. You can also now deal in property for sale or rent. Users can also sell and purchase in the following categories:

  • Baby toys 
  • Games
  • Home Goods and Furniture
  • Home supplies
  • Office items
  • Pet Supplies
  • Music Instruments
  • Sports Products
  • Garment
  • Electronics
  • Cars and motors

Safety Measures for Facebook Marketplace Melbourne

Online Shopping is also a sensitive case, mainly people attracted to the object posted with shining and eye-catching images. Sometimes, their transactions won’t go smoothly and they get cheated by the product lister. Some safety measures for the buyers can prevent him from a big loss. Use these safety measures to make a safe and secure purchase.

  • Always purchase from a legitimate seller whose profile should be real and he should have made sales before.
  • If an offer is attractive and looks too cheap try to avoid buying it. Shiny products with fewer prices contain absurd material of manufacturing\
  • Always use your wife or use VPN while purchasing an item in the account of privacy
  • Some scammers usually sent you the link of their product which is listed on the Facebook marketplace
  • Track your shipment every time
  • Report the scammers on Facebook and to legal authorities immediately

A seller should also follow the entire Facebook guidelines and his responsibilities towards the buyers, some major things which a seller should consider are given below,

  • Marketplace sellers should ship the order within three days and should reach the buyers within 7 days. There is no more relaxation for the seller.
  • He should always track his inventory and should source it before ending.
  • As this marketplace is new, so the sellers should be patient while educating their consumers about a product and should answer their quires briefly.

Best Facebook Marketplace Melbourne Groups 

Besides this various Facebook sell and buy Groups are created for the users interested in online selling. Where You can sell and purchase old and new items with your choice. I’ll suggest you these groups to join for a better experience of shopping.

Melbourne Market Place Buy / Sell / Trade

Girls Trade Melbourne – BUY SELL SWAP

Melbourne Marketplace (Melbourne largest Facebook Marketplace Public Group)

MELBOURNE BUY, SELL & NOTICEBOARD (Melbourne largest Facebook Marketplace Private Group)

Melbourne, Buy, Swap and Sell

Final Thoughts

No doubt Facebook Marketplace Melbourne has relaxed the Facebook users who were interested in online shopping. It is also a convenient way to shop while remaining at whom, you don’t have to bothered in the market stores to find a suitable product with a good quality. Moreover, Facebook marketplace doesn’t demand any third party commission tax, so you can purchase a product at original price.

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