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Best Photo Editing Apps for Android or iPhone in 2021

by Fawad Malik
Best Photo Editing Apps for Android or iPhone in 2021

Whether you’re a casual photographer, a pro, or a social media influencer, the finest photo editing tools can improve and enhance even your best photographs. And it doesn’t matter what you’re editing: anything from a picture of your animal to the perfect selfie, or a tempting photograph of your food to a humorous gif, will appear better once you’ve used one of the best photo editing apps.

The best picture editing software should also have a complete set of features to help you make your photos stand out. Finally, these apps should make it simple to share your photos with family and friends. In this post, we’ve compiled a list of the top picture editing applications for both Android and iOS devices.

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PicsArt is our top selection for the best picture editing apps because it’s enjoyable and simple to use while covering nearly all of the bases for consumer mobile photography. It gives you a lot of creative abilities, excellent image editing capabilities, and a wide range of beautiful filters. You may also rapidly select or make interesting stickers, mix your photos into fully customized collages, add artistic text, and share.

PicsArt provides a comprehensive and easily accessible set of photo-editing and collage tools for photographers. And it gives you a lot of creative control while yet keeping things dynamic and exciting.


Snapseed is just not for regular users, but rather for serious photographers who want or need to spend time making the best image possible while on the move. As a result, it offers a comprehensive set of high-quality editing tools, such as selective edit brushes and a decent collection of film-related filters. We had a lot of fun just playing around with its exposure, color, masking and reshaping tools, brushes, and filters, and experimenting with different settings. Because the editing is non – destructive, you can always go into the Stack and change or remove any edit.

Snapseed is one of the greatest photo editing software for serious photographers who want or need to spend time fine-tuning their images due to its outstanding traditional tools and non-destructive editing. There is no premium edition of the app.

Adobe Photoshop Camera

Adobe Photoshop Camera is one of the greatest picture editing programs because of its artificial intelligence (AI), which performs special effects and photo repairs before or after you shoot with your phone’s camera. Photoshop Camera uses filters known as “lenses” to provide special effects or make color, lighting, and clarity improvements. What differentiates Camera is the usage of Adobe Sensei, which automatically recognizes the type of shot.

Adobe assures that additional lens (all of which are free) will be added on a regular basis, some of which will be developed by celebrity artists and influencers. You can have hours of picture adventures because each of the lenses has differences.



Pixlr is one of the greatest photo editing applications for the casual photographer who wants to perfect their photos, maybe add some cool effects, and then share them on whatever social networks they have on their phone. Pixlr features a fantastic selection of simple photo editing tools. Brushes for applying selective changes are included.

The libraries of special effect filters, overlays, and borders are entertaining and visually appealing. The cartoonish stickers are diverse and entertaining. Create collages quickly by using preset layouts or created templates that allow you to rearrange, zoom, and move your photographs within the placeholders.

Adobe Lightroom

The mobile version of Adobe Lightroom (iOS and Android) is part of a cloud-based workflow that includes storage of your entire photo library and access to the full-resolution files (original and edited) on all your devices.

So, when purchased in connection with the whole Lightroom system (starting at $9.99/month), you are investing in a powerful photo-processing system that delivers professional-level control and quality.

Lightroom Mobile is an excellent learning tool. Its ever-expanding library of interactive courses will show you how to edit photos like an expert. That’s a good thing, because the feature set is quite extensive, with dozens of tools for working with exposure, color, selective editing, filters, and so on. The great majority of adjustments use slider controls with quick responsiveness so you can see precisely how the adjustment impacts your image.



Prisma differs from most of the top picture editing applications in that it is structured around stylistic filters influenced by real artists. Prisma goes all-in on art, allowing you to turn your photos into mini-Picassos or Van Goghs. And it actually works, employing smart AI to apply the effects with amazing accuracy. After applying a filter, you can easily add a custom background or make further adjustments to exposure, contrast, and other settings, save them to your phone or share them with others.

The photo-related app market is quite crowded and competitive. As a result, when one app introduces a popular feature, others immediately follow. In general, the greatest picture editing applications fall into two categories: those aimed at everyday consumers and those aimed at professional photographers or prosumers.

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