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Trendy Earbuds- That You Can Surely Buy in 2021

by Fawad Malik

The market for true wireless headphones has never been as crowded as it was in 2021. With so many options to choose from, choosing the best Bluetooth headphones can seem overwhelming. The earbuds are pocket-sized, but you also have loads of options that favor things like noise-canceling, fitness, long battery timing, and comfort.

Remember to fit easily around your ears to get the most out of your headphones. Always try on the different sizes of ear tips that come with the headphones you buy. In this article, you will find the best headphones of 2021 and it will be easy for you to choose the best.

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Two years after the release of the first truly wireless headphones, Sony is back with a remodeled WF-1000XM4. Now smaller and with IPX4 water resistance, the new headphones are capable of canceling noise. The most magnificent noise among the competition and they still sound good.

  • Battery life is another section where the 1000XM4 sets a new standard, they can last up to eight hours of continuous playback with noise canceling on.
  • Case supports wireless charging
  • Microphone performance is still the 1000XM4’s weakest point, but it is perfectly acceptable if you are calling from home.

Bose QuietComfort Earbuds

QuietComfort Earbuds provide very strong active noise cancellation, but just as interesting about them is how personalizable ANC is. You can choose from 11 different noise-canceling levels and set three favorites to switch between the two buttons on the left earbud. Bose premium headphones deliver great sound with powerful bass.

  • Its Ambient Transparency mode is second only to Apple in naturalness. And even the voice mic works well, so you really get the full service for this money package.


Apple Air pods Pro

There is nothing better than the interaction between Air Pods and other Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Mac. The AirPods Pro doesn’t offer the best sound quality among the top choices, but it is quite satisfying for a lot of people. Moreover, active noise cancellation is also available at Bose, but it really works if you’re in the Apple ecosystem and also have a Mac or iPad.

  • AirPods Pro can mechanically switch between devices depending on which device you are using, and on iPhone or iPad, spatial audio provides immersive surround sound when watching online video applications.

Apple AirPods 

With its long body and durable microphone, Apple’s open-designed AirPods are still your best choice if you often make calls with your headphones on or interact with colleagues from Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

AirPods provide near-instant and smooth pairing when used with Apple devices, and support features such as audio sharing, spatial audio, and private listening if you have one Apple TV.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

They can work up to 11 hours on a single charge. That kind of battery life is considered a marathon for truly wireless earbuds, and few other companies keep up with the durability of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus. They lacked active noise cancellation, so the game lasted longer, but even so, 11 hours is a real feat. They are a good alternative to AirPods if you have an Android phone, especially a Samsung phone.

Jabra Elite 75t

Jabra is practically the only company that makes true wireless earphones that support multipoint mode for two contemporary Bluetooth connections. So, you can connect them to your phone and laptop, or tablet at the same time. Lots of control settings, EQ, and even bonuses like white noise or nature sounds if you come across situations in which they can be useful.

Jabra provides a two-year warranty on them in case you have any problems with your equipment.


Beats Powerbeats Pro

No one beats the Powerbeats Pro as the best fitness headphone since its launch in 2019. Their ear catch design helps them stay in your ears during fast exercise. They can withstand your sweaty workouts and 9 hours of continuous use. The battery life will help you overcome any persistence.

  • Great sound quality with many basses for motivation and movement.
  • And because Beats is owned by Apple, Powerbeats Pro can also take advantage of features such as audio sharing, automatic device switching (such as AirPods Pro) and a very simple pairing process.

Whichever model you choose, be sure to use the included bag or case as often as possible to prolong the life of your headphones. Always take them into your pockets, and carefully wear them to protect these earbuds from any damage.

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