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Huawei Band 6 Review- Everything You Need to Know

by Fawad Malik

Fitness trackers are the best option for smartwatches that offer the easiest methods to get all the important information a person would need for workouts. It is a great and bold device. Huawei watch fit is a fitness tracker and as well as a smartwatch, designed to unfocus the lines between those two experiences. 

For years, Huawei has surely not been the first brand that comes to our mind for smart wearables. But this year you must consider its latest fitness tracker Huawei band 6. In this article, you will find a detailed review of Huawei Band 6 which is the best fitness band in 2021.

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In the last years, we didn’t think much about the fancy designs of the smart bands.  A simple display with great features was enough, but consider the Huawei band 6 which is the best option for everyone. Its 1.47 inch AMOLED rectangular display makes it stand out from the market. Almost this display can catch up with the display on the Huawei watch fit.

Most importantly, the 10.99mm thinner dial permits the band to fit the wrist easily, which reduces the uneasiness of wearing bands for a long time. The skin-friendly silicone strap is easily removable, Huawei officially provided the changeable straps in 4 Colours i.e. black, green, and pink.

Battery Timing

When we talk about its battery life, the Huawei band 6 beats other fitness bands. This device provides the 2 weeks to battery timing without any charge, and it achieves that limit without any recharge. The band 6 charges via a magnetic charger cable that comes in the box and it takes only one hour to fully charged.


Fitness Monitoring and Sensors

By health monitoring, the Huawei band 6 provides a great amount of versatility for a small and purchasable tracker. In this device, you will get 96 various workout modes which include swimming since the device is 5ATM water-resistant.  It means you are to swim up to 50 meters down.

  • The greatest feature of the Huawei Band 6 is its ability to monitor Sp02 and 24/7 heart rate. At this price of the device, Sp02 tracking is the best addition that permits you to check the oxygen level of your body.
  • Most bands have heart rate elements. This is useful when you cannot go specifically to check your heart rate, and it is more convenient for you to check these metrics.


Let’s take a look at bands software support, the Huawei health app is one of the best detailed and functional tracking APPS that are available on android devices. But the iOS is not well organized as on Andriod.

Most considerably, the band’s software itself is simple which means it will not allow you to install third-party apps. On the other hand, the lightweight software also leads to a smooth touch response. During the use days, the band rarely confused us with its software.


You can get your hands on the Huawei Band 6 for £59.99 / AU$139 / AED 229 (about $85) from Huawei Experience stores, also available in online and select third-party retailers. It’s available in four colors: Graphite Black and Forest Green, which come with a dark gray watch body; and Amber Sunrise and Sakura Pink, which come with a gold-hued watch body.

Sports Tracking

Band 6 does sports tracking and there are various 96 exercise models, which core modes that will provide metrics and data during and post-workout. On the band, head to the workout app and you will see modes covered outdoor and treadmill running, swimming, indoor rowing, etc. You can also add extra modes from the Huawei health app, though these modes offer the metrics.


What you’re missing out on from the pricier Huawei Watch Fit are the animated workouts, and features like fitness courses and running courses. There will be no built-in GPS, so you will need to use the connected GPSway to generate more correct outdoor exercise tracking.

Huawei Band 6 is a great functional, affordable fitness tracker, it is on the top recommended list. If you are looking for a good health tracker in your budget with all trendy functions, then Huawei Band 6 is the best option.

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