Hot Or Not Composite Images- Attractive Face Scale for Tiktok

Hot or not composite images term is not a new term for social media users. Most of the users all aware of this way of enhancing their videos on TikTok. The majority is using this scale to judge their appearance according to the ‘Attractive Face Scale”. Tiktok is the world’s largest video sharing platform with a variety of music templates and effects having different filters. Using hot or not images trends helps the new user to viral their video over internet. As many people feel happy to rate their appearance according to the hot or not image filter.

Hot Or Not Composite Images History

The scale was firstly created by Pierre in 2006, who was a photographer and statistics programmer from Canada. Pierre wrote and created thirty composite images from a collection of images website Hot or Not. Other people were able to rate the appearance of someone through this scale of appearance. All the images on this scale were giving another sense of color appearance. Pierre downloaded all the images and then ordered them by their ranking and create a multi morph group of images in ranking from SquirlzMorph software. This was a research work that was based on determining the look of an average person over Tiktok.

Popularity of Hot or Not Composite Images

Many people use this challenge as it was unique and help them to rate their appearance among other people. The hot or not composite images challenge trend on TikTok helps the users to compare their scale through the “Attractive Face Scale’. This attractive scale is also known as a composite image where a variety of faces are available to rank from one to ten by other users. The challenge became very famous on Facebook and become trended over the Tiktok. Many new Tiktok users also used this trend to gain popularity on the platform. Many people participate in this challenge as fun, whereas several people also consider it an insane way and don’t think it a good and proper way to judge facial appearance.

Method to Hot or Not Composite Images Challenge

Tiktok hot or not composite images is not a problematic task to perform. You can also start this task easily through a simple process, without going deeper into the app. Many Tiktokers take part in this trend by Shape-Shifting filters along with some energetic songs. Some also added text to their videos to attain the attention of the viewers. This scale was usually created for females, as females are more interested in their facial appearance, but now male appearance face scale is also downloadable over the internet.

You can start your challenge by downloading hot or not composite images by clicking here. Moreover, many websites are also offering these images in different templates to make your videos more enhanced and attractive for the viewers.


Hot or not composite images challenge is trending over TikTok as it is a unique and fun way to know about others’ points of view towards your appearance with aid of scale. Handsome and smart people use this challenge mostly as it gives them a chance to promote their TikTok and attract others people to their content. However, people with some sort of unfair facial appearance don’t like this way of judging others.

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