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Facebook Touch- A Different Way of Using Facebook

by Saad Shah
Facebook Touch

Multiple users are using smartphones to access internet platforms. Facebook Touch is an excellent choice if you are one of the 81.8 percent who choose mobile devices. It is a fantastic app to download and then install. Moreover, it is a simple app that consumes less data.

According to Facebook’s statistics, the original application is one of the most downloaded apps, yet the Facebook Touch is still a great alternative. People use multiple apps on the internet, yet 30% of the users are from Facebook. The app providers are introducing new features to continue to make a better user experience.

What Is Facebook Touch?

First, keep in mind that Facebook did not create Facebook Touch. The app was designed initially by H5, which Lighthouse lately obtained. Shortly, Facebook Touch is an advanced app designed just for smartphones. It has a slick user interface and a great alternative to the original application; both are reachable and usable on all devices. It has many unique features and a built-in interface.

Difference Between Facebook Touch and Facebook App

People are still using the standard Facebook application, yet there are several ways in which Facebook Touch is different from the original one.

  • The very distinction between the Facebook Touch and Facebook App is the quality of the graphics. The Facebook Touch has better quality and display. You can see the high-resolution photos without buffering.
  • Facebook Touch has much better speed. It was mainly created for mobile phones, meaning the app consumes fewer data. You can still access Touch if you have a poor internet connection.
  • It is much easier to understand the interface and its use. It means that you are looking forward to a better user experience.

How To Download Facebook Touch on Smartphone?

You cannot download Facebook Touch from Google Play Store or App Store. Both will show you the standard app whenever you search for Facebook Touch.

To install it, you must download an APK file from google or any web store.

Authentication of Unknown Sources

You have to update the authorization settings of your smartphone. You should allow unknown resources on your device to install apps.

Search Facebook Touch

You can use the site URL in any browser or search for “Download Facebook Touch”. Select the best one that fulfills your requirements.

Download The Selected File

Click on the “Download” button if you have already picked a suitable file. It is necessary to have an internet connection.

Install And Launch the App

After downloading, you must install the app by clicking on the “Install” button. Once the installation process is completed, launch the app.

Open The App

Log in to your existing account, where you can enjoy the exclusive features of the app.

What Can Be Accessed by Using Facebook Touch?

There are multiple features of Facebook that can be accessed if you are using Facebook Touch:

Disable the notifications

It is a child’s play to disable the notifications using Facebook Touch:

  • Open the “Settings” tab and click “Apps” from your phone.
  • You can select Facebook Touch from the drop-down menu.
  • Click on the “Notifications” tab. Now, you can disable the notifications.

Accessing Account Info

How is Facebook Touch more direct than the standard one? You can learn from a simple example.

  • You can log in to your Facebook account on Touch with your email and password.
  • Select the three-horizontal line from the top-right corner of the homepage.
  • Scroll down to select “Help and Settings”, where you have to click “Settings”. Here you can edit, give permissions and check the visibility of your account info.

There are more features you can access, like sending messages on Facebook for specific people, groups, or keywords.

Benefits of Facebook Touch

To use it easily made Facebook Touch so special. For traditional mobile or touch screen users, Touch is more than better. There are multiple features you can easily access if you are using Facebook Touch.

  1. Facebook Touch user interface is advanced for touchscreen users. The design is simple as it does not have unnecessary features like cut-off visuals and large buttons. Touch can cover your entire screen if you remove the regular menu and button strips.
  2. If you are using Facebook Touch, a slow internet connection should not be your concern. H5’s touchscreen optimization means visuals and other elements will load into your browser faster than expected as it consumes less data.
  3. Facebook Touch can load better quality media than the mobile website. You can get a better version of photos, videos and other things using Touch instead of the dusty and blurry data you often use. The content quality cannot exceed the original one.
  4. You can download Facebook Touch from any browser, including Google Chrome or the Avast Secure Browser. You need not worry about using other apps because they consume more battery life, memory and RAM processing. Touch is an excellent option than any other app.

Drawbacks of Facebook Touch

It is a worthy step forward after the traditional Facebook experience, yet there are some drawbacks of the Facebook Touch.

  1. Some people will not find any difference between traditional Facebook and Facebook Touch. People accustomed to the conventional app interface will find difficulty converting to the new one.
  2. Facebook Touch has been replaced by other touch-enabled versions of the brands like Sprout Social, Canva, Rebrandly and many more.
  3. You can face many problems when using the older version of Facebook Touch.
  4. You can only download it from the third-party app providers because it is unavailable on “Google Play Store” or “Play store”. There is always a risk of using other resources as your provided login info is not secured.

Bottom Line

If you have no problem using the standard Facebook app via smartphone, you should not go for other alternatives. On the other hand, if your experience using a mobile phone is not that good, or you want better quality, you should prefer Touch. Using Touch will give you easiness in the visuals, faster speed, and ease to use. Multiple apps can help make the user experience better.

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