Ezoic Review- Basic things you need to know

 Ezoic is a Google-certified partner which optimizes and evaluates the websites of publishers, bloggers, brand owners, and websites owners. Publishers can use Ezoic to perform automated visitor segmentation, speed up their websites, improve security, implement state-of-the-art mobile technologies, and much more.

How does Ezoic Work

Ezoic Testing is the only way through which you can determine the ad placement, size, and density. To make more money from your blog or website and to analyze users’ experience of likeness and dislikes towards content, it is crucial to test the website before starting the paid Ezoic setup.

Ezoic technology is based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to test ad density, Size, layout, and location. To increase revenue, Ezoic algorithm analysis the best layout for site audiences and uses those.

Ezoic Requirements:

The previous threshold of 10000 page views is removed now you can start the monetization process with Ezoic on an Instant basis. Sites should strictly follow the rules and regulations of ads policy and unique content instructions.

Your website must follow the attributes of Google Publishers Policies like unique content and no keyword stuffing. Ezoic ensures that publishers must have exceptional, informative, and relevant content. If Google AdSense has not restricted you then you can go banana and apply for Ezoic.


  • Offering Fake Good
  • False clicks and impressions
  • Copyright policy infringement
  • Uncertain traffic source
  • Gamblers Content
  • Keyword Stuffing
  • Adult and dangerous content
  • Alcohol and Tobacco-related contents
  • Illegal content
  • Threatening or aggressive content
  • Empty pages
  • Automatically generated content
  • All sites should be written in AdSense supported languages
  • Only sites with rich informational content will be approved

How to Start

  • Integrate with Ezoic
  • From monetization menu enable Monetization
  • Set up Ad testing by placing Ezoic ad units on your site
  • Remove all exiting Ads
  • Use Ezoic Chrome extension to add placeholders
  • Fill out the application for Google’s Ad Exchange to access Google’s premium ad marketplace
  • Make sure that you have up-to-date ads.txt files by Ezoic
  • Turn on Ezoic Ad tester
  • Work and make money

How does Ezoic Pay?

The minimum threshold for payout is 20$. And you will be paid by Ezoic on monthly basis between the 27th to 31st of the month. At the last of every month, you’ll be getting paid there is no advance system.

You can choose any one of these:

  • Cheque
  • PayPal
  • IBT via Payoneer
  • Direct Deposit option for US residents 

Pros of Ezoic

  • Sticky and Anchor ads

In Google AdSense you can’t use sticky ads even they are the highest revenue ads. This is the biggest disadvantage of AdSense. Through Ezoic, you can insert sticky ads from the sidebar.

You can also enable anchor ads on the bottom of the mobile screen or desktop. It is highly recommended to use both of these ads features in Ezoic.

  • Payout limit

The minimum limit of pay-out limit for Ezoic is set at 20$. As with other ad platforms like AdSense you should have at least 100$ for getting paid.

  • Customer Support Service

Ezoic gives you a fast response and guides customer support service through its 24/7 active teams. This is appreciated and it doesn’t allow you to stick all day in a problem.

Within hours Ezoic responds and gives you proper instructions about the solution.

Cons of Ezoic

  • Slow Machine Learning Process

After switching to Ezoic you are unable to see results instantly. As Ezoic reads the algorithm of your website through its machine learning process and gathers the proper ad layouts to earn more it usually takes 30 days long period. In this sense, Ezoic has a bad habit.

  • Ads at bottom

Ezoic offers a free service to its users by offering a small ad at the bottom of the page, as the majority of the visitors don’t go to the end of the page this point goes against Ezoic in some way. Ezoic should improve it and provide a full front Ad experience to its new users.

  • Tricky Setup

You have to connect your site DNS server to the Ezoic DNS server which is a problematic situation for someone. However, the support team helps you to in this case if you want. You should first explore the whole site to see with option is located in which menu.

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