Best Startup Tools and Resources You Should Use in 2022

From drafting proposals, and creating invoices, to meeting with clients and staying on top of other administrational jobs, days are full for entrepreneurs. In this situation, it is easy for startup owners to become exhausted and overwhelmed with a lot of tasks to be done.

Luckily, technological advances in apps and software have made things a lot easier for business owners and managers. There are several startup tools and resources that help streamline numerous business operations and make business management less stressful.

Startup Tools and Resources in 2022

Check out the following list of best startup tools and resources you should use in 2022 to grow your business greatly.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

With more and more businesses and conducted online, CRM software is one of the best and most important startup tools these days. A customer relationship management software helps you record, manage, track and organize customer data from all touchpoints your business is using. You can also integrate your other business tools and marketing software with CRM to sync customer data for effective customer management and a better experience. HubSpot CRM is praised by many startups and established businesses.

QuickBooks for Accounting

In this digital business landscape, an online accounting software solution can do a lot more than an accountant would do. QuickBooks is a popular accounting software among startups and well-established businesses. Along with tracking financial transactions of your business, the software also keeps track of business income & expenses, invoices, and expense reports, etc. QuickBooks also helps generate required documents for tax returns. In simple words, it is one of the best startup tools you should use in 2022.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the best analytic tool that every business must use in 2022. Developed by Google, the analytic tools provide a quick overview of website traffic and the overall performance of your business website. Data and insights provided by Google Analytics can help you develop better digital marketing strategies to reach your target audience effectively. This also helps you understand customer behavior and preferences to provide them with a personalized experience. Startups can use all these details to create custom marketing strategies for better outcomes.


Creating appealing graphics for digital marketing and social media posts is difficult for startups as it requires creativity and a lot of time as well. And hiring a graphic designer is also heavy on startup budgets. Thankfully Canva is here to help with graphic designing. Canva is an online graphic design tool with drag and drop features. The user-friendly interface of the software helps startups create high-quality and professional-looking visuals within moments. From social media posts, Facebook ads, and Instagram stories to blog banners, broachers, and short videos, you can create everything with Canva for your business needs and marketing campaigns.


Invoices are an integral element of every business’s finances. Creating manual invoices from scratch can consume a big deal of time and effort. And a bit of delay in creating an invoice can put the cash flow of your business on hold. It is an online invoicing software with ample ready-to-use and editable invoice templates. Furthermore, you can also track and manage your invoices conveniently.


Thanks to e-signature tools, there is no need to print and sign business documents and agreements anymore. You just need to upload your business documents, add the email ID of the recipient and send it to get it signed. This eliminates the need for a physical presence to sign a document and helps save time and money for both businesses and customers.

There are several e-signature tools that allow you to create your own documents and forms online. You can also assign due dates and passwords for confidential documents to keep them protected while getting signed digitally. E-signature solutions also contribute a lot in a paperless business environment.

Slack for Effective Communication

Effective and streamlined communication is a key element to ultimate business success. Having an Omnichannel communication platform allows you to stay in touch with your team and other associates. Slack is a renowned communication tool for businesses and organizations to streamline both internal and external communications. You can create your own special channels for employees and clients to make communication quicker and smoother.

Final Thoughts

Since startups struggle with a lot of things at the beginning, the use of available tech tools and solutions is one of the best ways to stand out. This was a tiny but comprehensive list of tools and resources for startups. You can find a lot more over the web as per size, budget and individual needs of your business.

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