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Best Jobs for College Going Students to Earn Online

by Malik Fawad

The life of a college student is very expensive. Due to the cost of tuition, supplies, and simple living, most college students are often completely discouraged. The only real difficulty in making money is full-time studies which are psychologically disturbing. Many students make excuses like don’t know where to start or you don’t have time, so the best way is to make money online.

Nowadays, students can find various jobs on the Internet and hire them in their spare time to earn extra money. You can use your present skills to find jobs online or develop new skills and take on different online jobs for students. If you are a student looking for a real job on the Internet, here is a list of jobs that will help you to make money online easily.

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  1. Content Writer

Content Writing is one of the highest paying online jobs for students who can write and have good grammar and investigating skills. You only need a computer with good internet. As a student, you may find writing jobs on different writing and freelancing websites. 

Most of the writing work involves writing articles, blogging, and copying web pages. You will have a deadline for completing one article. You can write a job directly from a live job board, or you can bid on a job and wait for the relevant client to submit it to you, depending on how the site is performing.

  1. Data Entry Tasks

Data entry is the easiest job that students with simple computers and fast, accurate typing skills can do with the convenience of a computer. Typically, data entry jobs have fast and accurate data entry for customers. Many students earn money by working part-time on data entry assignments. You can find real data entry jobs at the websites given below.

  • The Smart Crowd
  • SigTrack
  • PeoplePerHour
  1. Online Tutoring

As a student, you can join over 15 good online tutoring jobs to find clients who require tuition in subjects for which you have specialized knowledge. Different companies help you to connect with clients who need help in their area or area of ​​expertise. 

You can work part-time, earn extra money to pay bills. You will need a Skype account and a high-speed internet connection for a subject or non-academic learning.


  1. Online Assistant Job

Most online assistant jobs do not need management or secretarial skills. College students can use the organizational and communication skills they have acquired during their studies to work as online assistants for individuals and businesses. They may provide data entry, social media management, research, site maintenance, and other services. 

Payments may differ depending on the work of service, hours of operation, and other factors. You can work with one or more clients depending on your schedule.

  1. The Site Testing Job

Site owners commonly need people like you to test their websites in order to give others feedback on their particular experiences. The test usually takes 10–20 minutes. Site testers usually make $10-$20 per test which is based on the complexity and timing of the test and the company providing the job. You may need a microphone and a webcam to check a website. Here are some good websites that list website testing jobs:

  • User Testing
  • YouEye
  • Userlytics
  1. Digital Website Survey

The best way for students to make money is to do online surveys. There are many legal research companies or websites that will allow you to create an account on their sites. If you fit the social class that the survey is targeting, you will most likely be eligible for this survey.

  1. Small Tasks Job

Last but not least, another way for students to make extra money is to complete small tasks or provide small services to businesses and individuals on micro-job websites. You can use these websites to offer freelancing work or perform various types of work through a computer. You can do small tasks for various services such as:

  • Editing articles, research papers.
  • Website designing
  • Video editing
  • Social media marketing
  • Maintaining social media profiles
  • SEO Services


Making money online is absolutely achievable for students. You just need to make sure that you are doing well with the work you want to do or the services you want to provide. In addition, students can pay off student loans, pay bills, save up for an expensive gift, and achieve any number of other financial goals.

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